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beautiful can u suggest a beautiful desing n the embroidery stitches to be used for a neckline salwarkhameez
very pretty. it would be really nice if u suggest some neckline embroidery for shalwar kameez.
Deepa even I had passion for embroidary since my child hood but didnt practice now a days but today for my daughters personal project in international school(LEARNING NEW SKILL)your blog guided me to handle her project.If you have something on phulkari let me know.
Anonymous said…
how to stitch old silk borders in plain saree with the stitch visible. saree & border contrast color
sheela said…
Deepa ,I am also interested in different types of Indian embroidery, having a collection of it. But searching the net for learning Badla embroidery work which is too common in Bangalore. I am residing out of India. Hope you can post the same. It will be of great help. Wish you all the success.
Brinda said…
Deepa, I am so pleased to see your blog... I am a Radar Engineer by profession but Embroidery is my interest(though I cannot do as well as your work) but I keep trying to do better... Your blog is quite a source of inspirational lessons.. Normally, I avoid posting comments on blogs I refer but for this one, I am highly impressed with your work!! Great blog!! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!!
ritasilveira123 said…
Thanks for sharing. God bless you.
Sarina Tariq said…
Hi Deepa
I love your embroidery work and have been looking at all the pretty work since I found your blog
Keep up the good work
please checkout the site sewguide.com for sewing tutorials and patterns
Thank you
Nekta said…
Ma'am i have appreciated your blog for a couple of years now and recently started dabbling in a bit of hand embroidery as well. I would like to make a wall hanging for my home and was wondering how to go about it...for eg, what material should i be using, should i get it framed, etc. please do get back to me if you have any suggestions for the same.
Deepa said…

For a beginner,I would suggest casement fabric which is usually used for quilt covers.The fabric is sturdy.Cotton is also a good choice.Make sure that you wash the fabric to remove the starch..Embroidered wall hangings usually are framed since they tend to gather dust over time.But it is entirely your choice.
Hope this helps,